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Human Design System

Find your unique energetic design type through the:

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Sounds Familiar?

I haven’t always felt empowered, confident and abundant within my business and life. Just like you, I struggled to find my place in the world and let me tell you, it was not fun. Sitting at my dayjob as an accountant, while secretly looking at job postings that still didn’t seem the least bit better. It was suffocating! (Oh, how I wish I knew about HD back then!)

Thankfully, the universe led me to entrepreneurship and I haven’t looked back since, BUT even then it was a struggle. I did “all the right things” and adhered to whatever rules were presented to me by the experts and gurus out there.

The problem was, it never felt right or authentic to me. I was overworked, constantly pushing to get the results I wanted and had a hard time setting boundaries between work and my personal life. Inevitably, I was drained and felt out of touch with myself.

Additionally, I was creating offers that were out of alignment with my truth and mission because I felt it was what I was supposed to do in order to make money and be successful. I was operating from a space of urgency and scarcity. Imposter syndrome and constant comparison toothers in the online space only created more problems. Instead of focusing on my unique contributions and gifts, I was trying to follow the path of others, leaving me drained and disempowered.

Listen, I don’t want you to struggle the way I did. Because I see you! You’re juggling multiple responsibilities and feeling frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed with your long to-do list. You’re feeling stressed by the pressures to keep up with your lifestyle, while constantly initiating in hopes that you will achieve your goals and find fulfillment faster.

You’re getting advice from a million different “experts” out there, bombarded by advice that just doesn't feel right to you. And let’s not even get started on inspiration because your brain is already running on overdrive, leaving no room for creativity and focus on what you truly would love to do. You’re tired of feeling unheard and unseen. You’re ready for more!

I want you to know that you deserve to breathe. You deserve to have the time for self-care and other things you enjoy, all the while bringing in that abundance doing what you love. You deserve to feel the inner-peace, empowerment and confidence needed to attract abundance almost effortlessly. You deserve to be your authentic self and use your authentic voice to stand out. You deserve to tap into your inspiration and truth, bringing to life all of the amazing gifts andtalents you are destined to share with the world.

Believe it or not,

Your Business should not

Feel like a


this reality can be yours!

you have everything you need within you to be...

Find the inner confidence and authority you need to run your business with aligned ease and intention.

Develop your own natural flow that will allow you to take only aligned and inspired action towards your goals.

Approach your business and life with excitement and energy. Fearlessly go after your goals and dreams!

Avoid burn-out and stress. Sink into inner-peace, trust in the process and surrender to the good that is coming to you. 

It’s time to stop chasing and doing things that don't feel good. Watch as amazing opportunities, relationships and dream clients are magnetised to you.






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completely change your life


completely change your life

Human Design System

1:1 human design

How it

My Signature 1:1 HD Readings take you on a journey of your energetic design, so that you can confidently step-forward as the powerful being that you are, bring awareness to your unique potential, and remember what your soul came here to do.

Together we will use the deep wisdom and insights of Human Design to uncover who you are atthe deepest levels and what you came here to do in this lifetime. This 1:1 reading will provide you the insights you need to feel empowered, aligned and in-flow with your life and business. Through it, you’ll channel the strength to embody your higher self and operate from your natural state of abundance, and learn to lean into your intuition to make the best decisions for you.

Once you book your session, I will begin to work on your Comprehensive HD Blueprint that consists of 35+ pages around your specific energetic design including aura type, tools for success, innate strengths, potential challenges, your role and your soul's mission. You will 
receive the PDF of this reading 1-2 days prior to the call, and if you’d like, to review and note any questions that you may have. During our call, this will be our chance to unpack your chart together, resolve any questions and go through how you can start to implement these tools into your life or business!





+ 60-min or 90-min Deep Dive Session (via Zoom)
+ 35+ page PDF Blueprint of Your Unique Design
+ Recording of Session

60-min session
+ Energy Type
+Tools for Success in Life and Business
+ Strengths
+ Challenges
+ Personality and Role
+ Soul Purpose



+ All Topics from 60-min Session
+ Deeper Dive into Strengths and Challenges
+ Optimal Digestion
+ Ideal Environment
+ Correct Motivation
+ Manifestation Style

90-min session

60-min session


Going on this journey and uncovering your full potential can be yours for only

$222 USD (60-min)
$275 USD (90-min)

1:1 business x design

How it

Through this Human Design Mentorship, I take you through my 3-Step Framework to help you start implementing Human Design and get your business in total energetic alignment, so that you can say goodbye to constant hustle, magnetize your soul clients and create ease and flow.

This is for you if you are a current business owner who has already done a personal reading with me, or are already familiar with your Human Design Type, Strategy and Authority, and want hands-on guidance in integrating your Human Design in Business. Through it, you’ll also channel the strength to embody your higher self and operate from your natural state of abundance, leaning into your inner guidance to make the best decisions for you.

After booking, I'll send you a pre-session workbook to help you reflect on current business processes and goals, as well as identify areas of resistance. Then, I guide you in implementing your Human Design to create aligned strategies and processes during the 90-minute session together. I will also provide my mentorship in recommending ideal marketing strategies, offer creation, systems and business model based on your design. After the session, you will receive a Personalized Business x Design Report of notes from the session and action plan so that you can start implementing right away!





+ Pre-Session Workbook
+ 1x90 min Intensive Session (via Zoom)
+ Your Business x Design Report of Notes and Action Plan
+ 7-days of Follow-Up Voxer support

+ Client Attraction
+ Ideal Marketing and Sales Strategies
+ Ideal Business Model
+ Ideal Systems
+ Offer Creation Approach
+ Other Ways to Optimize Your Business with HD




Letting go of your blocks and uncovering your full potential can be yours for only 

$333 Pay-In-Full
2 Payments of $175 Payment Plan

You’ve made it this far in learning about Human Design and how my services can truly change your life. Now it’s time to pull the trigger! Let’s work together to unlock your authenticity and truth and get you closer to achieving your big dreams and goals, shall we?


Find your flow, create ease and live abundantly

Drop the self-doubt and get ready to step into your power!